Crazy game in La Liga! Sevilla – Espanyol

Sevilla, set and match. So you can briefly describe the madness that was Seviila – Espanyol. Sevilla have won 6-4. FC Sevilla and Espanyol have offered 45-minute gala in their first match of the new season. The second led to another, and at halftime was 3-3. In the second half Sevilla came out more committed….

Sporting Lisbon has transferred a midfielder from Arsenal

Portuguese club Sporting Lisbon announced a year of football loan Costa Rican Joel Campbell, aged 24, from Arsenal. “Welcome, Joel Campbell,” is the message short of Portuguese officials, along with a photo midfielder. Since 2011, when he signed with Arsenal midfielder was loaned Costa Rica, in turn, Lorient (France), Real Betis (Spain), Olympiacos (Greece) and…

Real Madrid beat Sociedad with a double and a jewel of Bale’s Asensio

Real Madrid was imposed in the first stage of the Primera Division on the ground from Real Sociedad 3-0. Without Cristiano Ronaldo and Benzema, Bale opened the scoring for Real Madrid after 2 minutes. Asensio increased the difference through a “jewel” in 40 minutes, and all Bale closed the score in the 90th minute +4….

Germany – Poland Euro 2016. Another German victory?

Germany should regain Hummels in central defense, certainly ahead of Goetze and Gomez. In Poland Szczesny out through injury, inside Fabianski. The numbers say that the Poles have won only one of 20 games against Germany (6N, 13P), but this success has come precisely to October 2014, qualifying in this European Championship. The probable line…

Portugal – Iceland Euro 2016. Will score Cristiano Ronaldo?

National, which has two coaches on the bench, Lars Lagerback (67) and Heimir Hallgrimsson (49 years), is one who knows how to score, but just as well and collected. Four of the five most recent matches of Iceland ended with four goals on the scoreboard. Kolbeinn Sigthorsson (26) was the top scorer in the Nordics…