Crazy game in La Liga! Sevilla – Espanyol

Sevilla, set and match. So you can briefly describe the madness that was Seviila – Espanyol. Sevilla have won 6-4. FC Sevilla and Espanyol have offered 45-minute gala in their first match of the new season. The second led to another, and at halftime was 3-3. In the second half Sevilla came out more committed….

Sporting Lisbon has transferred a midfielder from Arsenal

Portuguese club Sporting Lisbon announced a year of football loan Costa Rican Joel Campbell, aged 24, from Arsenal. “Welcome, Joel Campbell,” is the message short of Portuguese officials, along with a photo midfielder. Since 2011, when he signed with Arsenal midfielder was loaned Costa Rica, in turn, Lorient (France), Real Betis (Spain), Olympiacos (Greece) and…

Real Madrid beat Sociedad with a double and a jewel of Bale’s Asensio

Real Madrid was imposed in the first stage of the Primera Division on the ground from Real Sociedad 3-0. Without Cristiano Ronaldo and Benzema, Bale opened the scoring for Real Madrid after 2 minutes. Asensio increased the difference through a “jewel” in 40 minutes, and all Bale closed the score in the 90th minute +4….